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    Supervision of goods shipment in China

    Supervision of the shipment of completed orders is a final stage. This check allows you to reduce risks and prevent not only possible additional overpayments due to supplier's faults, but also give additional incentive to the manufacturer to comply with the terms of the contract. The mere presence of your representative at the factory at the time of execution of order or prior to the shipment of goods in 99% of cases guarantees fulfillment of commitments (but only in those cases if, when placing the order, all necessary matters had been discussed and agreed before).

    "Standard issue when ordering household appliances: One placed the order, discussed the terms, method of payment and shipping. One received technical passport and all the details on the packaging and application of the brand logo. All went well,according to schedule. One received a container of tea kettles with an American Standard power cord!!!!!!!!!!!

    What to do in this circumstance?

    First thing to do is to buy an adapter for the Russian Federation standard (1 USD per piece) – more or less tolerable..

    And what to do then?

    We have to pay the warehouse workers for unpacking and packing of each commodity item. Thus, the result is 1000 USD for the adapters and another 500 USD for the work done.

    Our specialists will receive the samples to their office in China or will send them to you in Russia. If the items are technically complex goods, then our experts will engage the engineering team and will go to production site".

    Here are some problems, which can be solved under the supervision of shipment:

    - noncompliance to the assortment of goods ordered

    - receiving a report on the quality of goods before shipment

    - improper packing and marking of goods

    - unfulfilled promises or specifications within the process of production

    - incorrect information about the weight and the volume of shipments – as a result: of gigantic overpayments at customs upon receipt of goods in the Russian Federation

    - incorrect stickers and the spots of their applications contradict your initial requests. Warranty card and technical passport are not printed.

    All these issues will be solved by the experts of our company in their native Chinese language.

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