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OEM And ODM manufacturers, China OEM And ODM suppliers

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – stands for the production of goods under the existing design distributed by under the license (without changing the technical characteristics of the goods).

Most certainly you've encountered on the market with the same type of goods presented by different brands; these goods are OEM products.

In China, many manufacturers produce so-called "no-name products" (with the possibility of placing your logo on the product). We can help you find such items and arrange with the manufacturer the production of lot of goods under your brand.

If you want to obtain a product of a completely unique design then you need our service to order ODM products.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) — manufacturer of a product, which is created by his own original project, but not by the license.

ODM-contract — a type of cooperation between the two companies whereby one company places an order at the other company for the development and production of some goods (e.g., equipment, or software, etc.), and then releases such products for sales under its own brand.

Thus, the ODM contract differs from OEM contract by the fact that in the first case, the Customer places the order not only for manufacturing the goods but also for the development of the product, and in the second case the Customer places the order only for manufacturing, whereas the Customer himself deals with the development and design of goods.

ODM orders stand for a very labor-intensive and time-consuming process; during its implementation it is necessary to spend a lot of time on consultations and agreements with the manufacturer. Meanwhile it is necessary to document all changes and amendments as well as implement these changes when required:

- materials

- design

- technical characteristics

- overall dimensions

- the various aspects associated with the production - standards compliance

- documentation and type of packing

- production of prototypes of the product

Solutions to these problems require a large of interaction with the manufacturer and knowledge of his mentality and language.

Otherwise you may fail to achieve your expected result

Our experts will serve as a link between you and the manufacturer, helping you to resolve all issues efficiently and in the shortest possible time.

"We order a toy of white color. We write to the manufacturer to inform them that we need a white color on the toy's body frame. In such cases the Chinese manufacturer may answers – Would you send us the color number? We would respond to them sending the color number from the graphics editor. So, we receive the goods per our request and choice of color? - all the colors are different, the toy is striped and color is not the same as on the iPhone (we requested).

What to do in this circumstance?

The laconic answer is as follows:

Competently place the order and check the quality of work!!!!

(photo in such cases will not help you out).

The technology of painting the plastic and metal components is fundamentally different, and there are many types of its application. There is a special Chinese graphic palette (color patterns). This is the commercial catalogue with all the main materials and colors; using this commercial catalogue is the only way to solve the color-related issue and reasonably discuss the orders of individual design.
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