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Quality control of Chinese goods

The most important procedures are as follows:

- Qualified assessment of the quality of the sample received.

- Quality control at the production stage

- Acceptance of complete order with inspection of specification compliance.

Samples quality conformance inspection

This is the first and most important step when dealing not only with new suppliers, but also with new products from the old partners. Only a sample can be the guarantee of obtaining the product you need. Defective commodity can be not only inadvertent (due to a number of reasons, namely: violations during assembly, defective components and materials used for the production of commodities), but also can be the result of serious violations during the design engineering and manufacturing process. With this in mind you can order a quality conformance of the product from our company. The level and depth of technical analysis are negotiated individually, starting out from inspecting the functions and performance of the product and ending up with the analysis of raw materials, resources of the products and laboratory tests for strength and durability.

Quality control at the production stage

Our technicians visit enterprises and carry out professional oversight to the precise specifications, and provide the progress reports to the Customer at different stages of production. The most effective method of control over the Supplier, including a number of recommended operations and methods of control, - is an acceptance of the finished order accompanied with verification of compliance of products with technical specifications.

"Practice makes perfect" and shows us that for efficient operation and to minimize the risks, when importing the goods, one should carry out regular or selective acceptance of orders. In this case the probability of getting a problem-free delivery is close to the maximum. Depending on the test type (selective or full) the level and number of experts going to the company, are determined.

This service is the most complex and essential for working with Chinese Suppliers. At first glance the obvious things can be distorted beyond recognition. This issue is very peculiar and requires a deep immersion into the essence of the problem. In this connection you can consult our experts by telephone or in person.
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