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Search for suppliers and products in China

Sourcing of suppliers in China – the most important stage to start up building a business with China. Choosing a suitable manufacturer/supplier will significantly improve the profitability of your business. It's not so easy to find a reliable partner performing all obligations and agreements, along with a competitive price on the market. Basically, when in China, we meet so-called "dealers" and many trading companies with overestimated prices and questionable warranties…

So we ask you: Why waste your time and create unnecessary problems, when you can contact the professionals and get the positive results in the shortest possible time?

Our representatives in China are not our company's secondees but top executives who were born and live in China, and who previously held various positions in production and trade.

Depending on your request, we find, prepare and provide you with all necessary information for your business interests in China. The key point in this regard is the wording of your requirements and wishes to the potential supplier from China. Based on this our managers will proceed in the search of optimum alternatives.

At the final stage, you will receive a progress report on the suppliers of products from China meeting all the requirements of your company. We not only find you advantageous producers, but we also professionally evaluate their options and determine optimal conditions for cooperation.

Our occupational philosophy stands for the following. We search for a supplier of goods or a specific product via the specified characteristics with clearly limited conditions (cost, volume of production per month, delivery schedule). We determine the necessary number of suppliers (factories and plants in China) for a range of products or several commercial directions. We perform audits and define reliable partners.

The reliability of the supplier is not only in compliance with the terms of the contract, and maintaining these conditions for further supplies?. Many Chinese partners love to change the rules in the course of cooperation, understanding at the same time that after the first purchase, we invested heavily in packaging, design and promotion of the goods received. Therefore it is better to determine for yourselves those partners who will be interested in the joint development. The most frequent requests stand for searching of goods with a lower cost. In most cases such requests lead to a positive result as in China the competition among the partners is high and there are a number of techniques for obtaining the best prices.

The main problems being solved by our experts

  • Selection of products really meeting the desired characteristics (our expert needs to go to the plant or it's necessary to send a sample to the office of our company in China), as a result – it would save your time.
  • Search for goods' analogs or copies
  • Obtaining the desired sample (often companies come across misunderstanding between foreign trade Manager and enterprise). We have affiliated branches in China, our experts speak the Chinese language.
  • Coordination and control of the supply terms (payments, production time, control the stages of production, control of shipments in China, verification of export documents, etc.)
  • Placement of OEM - products of Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Approval for packaging, design and applications (supervision over the work done)
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