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Turnkey purchase of goods in China

When ordering services termed "Turnkey purchase" our company becomes your personal company engaged in foreign trade.

Under the supply agreement, we become your representative in China and perform the following tasks:

- search for the desired product by its specification. Market research, demand analysis and calculation of profitability of working with different suppliers.

- reliability audit of Chinese supplier, audit of production capabilities, assessment of its individual characteristics and selection of supplier.

- negotiations with suppliers/manufacturers

- quality control of samples conducted by qualified specialists of our company.

- placing the order, implementation and monitoring of the changes or improvements in design, materials or functionality of the product.

- obtaining of samples, coordination of the packing and list equipment on a single order

- concluding of long-term contracts, coordination and approval for the cost (one-time delivery, annual deliveries, long-term cooperation based on the planning of the volume of purchases-orders)

- payment in accordance with the contract and the stages of manufacture.

- control of the main stages of production carried out by our company specialists with departure to the production site and delivery of progress reports.

- import of goods (customs clearance)

- bringing in the goods to your warehouse or office (logistics)

You get the best prices on the purchase of goods as working directly with manufacturers in China can better control the price for each purchased item.

The amount of our commission is low, though the scope and quality of work performed - at a high level due to the extensive experience, effective organizational structure and well-defined working process.
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